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tee 90º – 6,000 lbs

Dimensions according to the ANSI B 16.11

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reducing tee 90º – 2,000 lbs

Dimensions according to ANSI B .16.11.

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threaded flange – ansi b 16.36 – 300lbs

Dimensions according to ANSI B 16.36.

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forged steel piston horizontal check valve

According to ANSI and ASTM standards;

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Tr Flan

High Precision Flanges: Resistant and fit perfectly into your projects / Abrasive jet and industrial paint: We follow all the standards and technical specifications in force in the market / Valves and Pipes: For hydraulic projects with more safety and assertiveness / Our commitment is with you / We are manufacturers and importers of 1/2″ and 90″ flanges and steel connections (carbon, stainless steel, and HDPE)

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